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Because I Have Something to Say! (Repost)

Because I Have Something to Say! Posted on January 13, 2013 by Catherine Hedge He dared us to write well! By Catherine Hedge Anyone who uses the phrase, “indomitable”  must have met my writing mentor, the late Leonard Bishop.  He grew … Continue reading

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Thankful for Words of Wisdom, Part 2

By Catherine Hedge I used to shake my head at some of  Leonard Bishop’s teachings.  He’d harrangue us with writing advice.  His voice would bellow with authority…insistent, commanding, and frightening! Frightening because he said it with such force, I figured … Continue reading

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Doctor Students

          by Leonard Bishop The only unpleasant experience I have had as a writing instructor was when there were medical doctors in the class. The subjects they wrote about were usually terrifying. X-ray radiation and hereditary alteration, rheumatoid arthritis, cystic … Continue reading

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Say What You Mean

by Leonard Bishop I have been criticized for interrupting people what I believe they are describing themselves with an improper use of language. It is annoying, I know. But the language we speak contains both what we mean to say, … Continue reading

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They Are Leaping Toward A Dream

by Leonard Bishop, Author of Dare To Be A Great Writer As I drive to Manhattan to teach a writing class, I’m thinking about my students. They are beginning to see their own growth as writers. They are amazed. I … Continue reading

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Even The Greats Wrote Some Trash

by Leonard Bishop This is a true story–written to enlighten the general reading public who believe that great writers are born great writers; and to encourage despairing writers who see no hope in their ambitions. In 1953 my publisher insisted … Continue reading

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Deep Down, Even the Dull are Delightful

by Leonard Bishop Is your life dull, because you are a dullard? Are your days one drab dragging into another drab? Do you avoid standing against the gray wall in fear you will not be noticed? When invited to a … Continue reading

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