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Doctor Students

          by Leonard Bishop The only unpleasant experience I have had as a writing instructor was when there were medical doctors in the class. The subjects they wrote about were usually terrifying. X-ray radiation and hereditary alteration, rheumatoid arthritis, cystic … Continue reading

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Dying of Health

by Leonard Bishop I’m taking a battery of vitamin pills and I feel drugged with supplementary health. My body is becoming befuddled. It has not yet learned how to assort the power I’m pushing into it. Sometimes the cod liver … Continue reading

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We Always Do Our Best

by Leonard Bishop I can understand why people who write newspaper columns get tired of their usual readers and hope to gain others. Persistent readers take the columnist too seriously. They begin to believe they know the writer and thus … Continue reading

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Modesty: Bah, Humbug!

by Leonard Bishop When you finish reading this paragraph you will be convinced that I am one of the few absolutely nice guys you have ever read about. For long time now I have wondered why people like me. Although … Continue reading

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As I Was Saying

by Leonard Bishop I collect collections of clever, astute, amusingly wise sayings by past and currently notable people. They are enjoyable and instructive. Example: Not many people realize that the saying, “God helps those who help themselves,” does not come … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day is a May Day

by Leonard Bishop I believe Mother’s Day is a maudlin time, and phony. A celebration of money-spending sponsored by greedy business people. If we don’t offer our women esteem all the days we are with them, then a battery of … Continue reading

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Is Data Fact?

by Leonard Bishop People ask writers, “Where’d you get all the information you use?” The obvious response is, “Research.” The question to ask the writer is: “What do you do with all the information you gain from research and never … Continue reading

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